Weeds Trio

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Je viens de terminer le 3ème volet des miniatures de Don't let the Weeds. Les 2 autres étaient ICI et LA. Le petit dernier est un gros plan des fleurs-coeurs roses. Je vous montre d'abord quelques gros plans...?

I've just finished the 3rd part in the Don't let the Weeds series. The other 2 were HERE and HERE. This last one is a close up of the pink heart-flowers. Shall I show you the close up pictures first...?

Et les voici tous les 3 en photo de famille !

And here they are, all 3 of them together!

S'ils vous plaisent, ils sont sur mon site www.feerie.co.uk/fr (en grilles individuelles ou ensemble en offre spéciale)
Pour accéder directement au catalogue, cliquez ici.

If you like the look of them, they're on my website www.feerie.co.uk/ (as individual charts or together for a special offer)
To go straight to the catalogue, click here.

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Elaine 06/08/2008 20:10

Your work is beautiful and inspiring.

Faby 07/08/2008 11:21

Thank you so much, Elaine!

aude 29/06/2008 06:49

ce que tu fais est vraiment tres beau.j'aime beaucoup.

Faby 30/06/2008 00:09

Comme c'est gentil ! Merci beaucoup, Aude.

Loreta 28/06/2008 16:34

I love your blog and works. I visit your blog couple of times a day and I never get bored :)Good luck and wish you the best in all!

Faby 28/06/2008 23:20

Really?! How nice of you to say so!
Thank you very much for your good wishes!!! Take care, Loreta.

Circé 28/06/2008 07:09

Quelle précision, je t'envie de faire de si jolies choses. C'est beau :-)

Faby 28/06/2008 23:18

Comme tu es gentille! Ca me fait très chaud au coeur que mes réalisations te plaisent.

Dovile 26/06/2008 17:34

The Beauty! It looks so fun, sunny smile. I love all the parts, but if I have to choose one , I'll show preference to the second part :) How many them are going to do you?

Faby 26/06/2008 17:59

Thanks Dovile! I must admit the second one is my favourite too ;-)
That's it, I'm afraid...!  I've designed a fourth one and I'm in the process of stitching it, but I'm not going to publish the chart. You'll understand why when you see the picture...

If these three prove to be very popular, I'll work on another another set of three, but on a different theme, I think.

Olenka's Stitches 26/06/2008 16:39

Wow! Your new heart flower is so delicate, it is like growing love... All three part look very nice together. Bravo!

Faby 26/06/2008 17:52

Oh thank you Olga!